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Jessie is an associate in the Litigation Group and currently concentrates on commercial litigation cases. She handles a broad range of business disputes involving commercial contracts, construction, banking and commercial landlord/tenant. She also provides legal service and advice to companies on credit and collection matters. She serves as litigation counsel for a variety of local and national companies, including manufacturing companies, construction companies, banking and financial institutions, and professional service firms. She works with clients to create efficient and cost-effective solutions to business problems and focuses on providing real results.

Recovery of Attorney’s Fees and Costs in Construction Disputes

When construction projects become construction disputes, contractors and suppliers start thinking about how to recover their attorney’s fees and other legal costs.  Massachusetts follows the “American Rule” for recovery of legal expenses that states each party must pay their own … Continue reading

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A Turn of Events for Worcester’s Former County Courthouse

The former Worcester County Courthouse at 2 Main Street was supposed to be converted into residential housing units and retail space after the City reached an agreement in March 2015 to sell it to Brady Sullivan Properties, LLC, a New … Continue reading

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Real Estate Agents Not Covered by Independent Contractor Statute

In 2004, the Massachusetts Legislature passed M.G.L. c. 149, § 148B, known as the independent contractor statute, to prevent the misclassification of employees as independent contractors, which would deny them benefits they would otherwise be entitled to as employees.  When … Continue reading

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Breathing New Life into Worcester’s Former County Courthouse

Since 2007, the Worcester County Courthouse at 2 Main Street has been largely vacant.  After the trial courts moved to the new Worcester Regional Judicial Center at 225 Main Street in the fall of 2007, the Worcester Law Library was … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Mechanic’s Liens: A Property Owner’s Perspective

A mechanic’s lien is an encumbrance on private property to secure payment for a contractor (or subcontractor) or material supplier for labor or materials provided to improve that property.  (Not familiar with mechanic’s liens? Review my earlier post on the … Continue reading

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