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Todd is a real estate attorney at Mirick O'Connell who assists clients with buying, selling and leasing business and commercial real estate. Todd is a member of Northborough Conservation Commission and the Northborough Community Preservation Committee. He lives in Northborough with his wife and three daughters.

Cell Tower Leases: Boon or Bane

Although many people object to the way cell towers look in the landscape, a cell tower lease can provide a welcome source of additional revenue for the landowner.  Most cell towers exist by virtue of a lease between the landowner … Continue reading

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Leasing and LEED II: Things a Tenant Should Consider

In my last blog post, I outlined key issues that a landlord should consider when negotiating a lease with a perspective tenant in a LEED-certified building.  In this post, I want to review the same issue but from the tenant’s … Continue reading

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Leasing and LEED: Things a Landlord Should Consider

As area businesses seek to “go green,” we are seeing an increasing interest in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings.  This raises important leasing issues for both landlords and tenants.  In this post, I’ll outline the key … Continue reading

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Another Landmark Foreclosure Decision

On Friday, the Supreme Judicial Court in Eaton vs. Federal National Mortgage Association issued another important decision concerning the mortgage foreclosure process in Massachusetts.  The Court concluded that if a bank uses the auction process to foreclose a mortgage, then … Continue reading

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Lost Note Renders Mortgage Invalid

In the case of JPMorgan Chase & Co. v. Casarano, the Massachusetts Appeals Court affirmed a decision by the Massachusetts Land Court invalidating a mortgage due to a lost promissory note.  The plaintiff sought to quiet title and establish the … Continue reading

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Northborough Open Space Acquisition and the Community Preservation Act

As my inaugural blog post, I would like to write about a project of which I am particularly proud.  On February 17, 2012, the Town of Northborough acquired a parcel of open space containing approximately 55 acres.  This project was years … Continue reading

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